Thursday, 6 July 2017

The Appointment I couldn't Keep

I am hoping to make a trip to Calgary and points south (Lethbridge, etc.) next week. One of the churches I was especially anxious to meet with was one I have never visited before, Harvest Hills Alliance. I sent an email yesterday to their Associate Pastor, Aaron Bon-Benard hoping to set up an appointment.

This morning he called me, saying he was going to be on holidays next week. However, we had quite a nice conversation on the phone, during which I learned he was running two Alphas, including one that grabbed my attention, with an organization called Next Steps Ministries.

Aaron told me it is a ministry working with women exiting the sex trade, and it brought to my mind my time with Alpha in the Fort Saskatchewan jail. It is a co-ed institution with both male and female inmates, and many of the women were there because of their involvement in the sex trade. Some of my thoughts on Alpha in prison are posted here, on another blog. In short, this trade, far from being the glamorous choice that some would paint it is, for many, I would say most of those involved in it, is a vicious trap; difficult to break out of without much help.

So, what's my point? I'm not quite sure. I'm sure I will meet Pastor Aaron on another trip - perhaps in September when we have another possible Alpha event at Foothills Alliance in Calgary. But his mention of Next Steps Ministries, and his running Alpha with them, brought back these memories, and I felt compelled to sit down and pour them out on my keyboard. I intend to be praying for this ministry, and I invite you to as well. I also pray that God will remind me daily of this intention.



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