Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Workin' Music

Jimmy Reed is one of my all time blues artists. Many of you may not even have heard of him, and I'm sure it's not everyone's taste, but this is what I often listen to on You Tube while I'm working on my computer for Alpha - whether writing this blog, composing or answering emails, or engaging in some other creative pursuit. Even praying sometimes, believe it or not. I consider music to be God's gift to us. God only gives good gifts (Matthew 7:11)  and every good gift comes from Him (James 1:17).

Jimmy's trademark, if I can explain it to anyone who might understand was the familiar boogie-type rhythm on an E chord, alternating B and C# (sometimes up to D), then the same rhythm on an A chord and a B chord, in typical 12-bar blues style. You can hear it in practically every one of his songs. If that makes no sense, whether you are a musical expert or not, please forgive me. It makes sense to me as I try to explain it, or at least as I play it on my guitar.

Today I had at least two amazing surprises of good news, both connected to Alphas running, or planned to run, in Catholic parishes. One is planned for a Catholic school, the other in a new Edmonton parish and including Alpha for the hearing-impaired, with ASL interpreters in addition to subtitles.

God's Holy Spirit is on the move, and I am convinced He will accomplish His purposes.



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